Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Kilimanjaro Fashion Week
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Welcome to kilimanjaro fashion week

After huge public demand and great response from Zanzibar Fashion week, we decided to go to the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. The most recent edition of Fashion week Zanzibar team brings to you Kilimanjaro Fashion Week Arusha. The collections African-based designers produced for 2014: the haves and the have-nots, juxtaposition between collections brimming with details and those that opted for a more refined approach. This will be a one of its kind show for African designers from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and rest of Africa. This will give African designers a platform to show and display the work. There will be about 24 designers who will have platform and will be truly African show.

fashion week zanzibar


Javed Jafferji (CEO and Founder)

East Africa’s top photographer is more known for his stunning landscapes and portrait photography, but Javed’s interest in fashion photography is longstanding. By capturing Zanzibar’s fabulous style as expressed through clothing and modelling, Javed has found another way to express the beauty of Zanzibar. In starting Fashion Week Zanzibar, Javed hopes to both foster and nourish the burgeoning Zanzibari fashion industry and create a festival of local creativity, joining up-and-coming and established artists, models and fashion lovers of all stripes.

Javed is Manging Director of Gallery Tours and Safaris, Jafferji House and Spa, Zg Films, Zg Designs, Cinamon spa and Hot spot Bistro. He is also a publisher of more than 50 books on Tanzania and published numerous directories and publisher of Swahili coast magazine.

Javed is also founder for Fashion Week Zanzibar and ambassador for Zanzibar International Film Festival and Board Member for Dhow Counteries Music Academy.

Farouque Abdela

Zanzibari-born fashion designer Farouque Abdela comes from a family of textile and embroidery designers, and continued the tradition by getting his training in London. Farouque has worked as a costume designer in film and theatre, a clothing designer (including for prolific clients such as Princess Diana and other international celebrities), and has shown his work all over the world, from Paris to Tokyo. Having moved back to Zanzibar in 2004, Farouque has fostered and encouraged the growth of the local fashion industry, empowering young aspiring designers with his knowledge and experiences.

Adnan Abbas

He is the manager of Bistro and a budding photographer. His love for fashion has driven him to be a part of Zanzibar Fashion week, he believes "If there is one thing that showcases the vitality, style and creativity of a country it is fashion."


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